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The continued complaint in workers’ compensation is “No one seems to care. I receive little to no service. My insurance company doesn’t care about my business. They only want my money, and they mishandle my claims.”

Entera is reacting by caring about your business.

Working with licensed P&C agents, Entera offers the answer to your workers compensation concerns.

Entera’s management and experience will work to your advantage producing the results you are seeking. Entera knows what to do and how to do it. Experience is the best instructor. Take advantage of our experience and receive the much needed service missing in workers compensation.

Let us analyze your work comp with little effort on your part. Fax or e-mail your declarations pages to 470-299-1983 or jkatz@enterawc.com. Expect an answer within 48 hours.

Entera's Workers Comp News
  • The Most Important Person in Workers’ Compensation


    It is very basic, but few people realize the most important person in work comp is the authorized treating physician (ATP). Entera’s relationship with the ATP is very important in achieving the medical results so critical in returning the employee to work healthy as soon as possible. Our Medical Director is a Board Certified Orthopedic Read More

  • 5 Key Aspects to Workers’ Compensation

    Worker's comp

    Employers have a legal responsibility to their employees to provide a safe workplace. However, accidents can happen even when every reasonable precaution has been taken. In almost every state, including Georgia, businesses are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. This type of insurance is designed to protect employers from lawsuits resulting from workplace accidents, and Read More

    • The Entera Family of Companies

      Entera MCO, LLC is…
      a Georgia certified managed care organization for workers compensation providing the highest quality of medical care available. EMCO’s statewide approved pink posted doctors’ panel is always current and valid through the use of its 800 number.

      Entera Work Comp Solutions, LLC delivers…
      comprehensive programs into workers compensation resulting in lowers costs and beating the competition through better service and multiple choices of coverage.

      Entera Risk Management, LLC provides…
      on-site, written evaluation of the workplace to reduce the number of claims and improves safety for workers through common sense, economical recommendations.

      Entera Bill Review examines…
      invoices for errors, duplication, appropriate CPT codes and applies the state fee schedule thus saving significant money for our clients.

      Entera TPA, LLC is…
      an independently licensed third party administrator handling claims on a personal basis and providing a much higher level of customer service. The control of claims is the most critical element of workers compensation.